Therapy for Grief and Loss
Sierra Madre, Monrovia, and Pasadena Area

Loss in life is often sudden, and never pleasant. Grief is a process and often makes us feel alone and abandoned. Life feels like we are drowning, and it’s hard to come up for air. Often, when we think we’ve had it together a song or a smell or an image will come along and we fall apart again.

When we suffer a loss, those around us might assume we should be better on their timeline, that the grief is gone and we’ve moved on when the wound is still fresh and it hurts like it happened yesterday. It feels like we are alone and we fear that others don’t want to hear our sorrow after a time. We wear a mask to hide our grief from the world.

Find Relief

If you find yourself overwhelmed by grief and loss and find it difficult to move forward, it’s time find relief. Therapy can help you honor what happened and make sense of life after your loss.