Therapy for Couples

Falling in love is easy; being in a relationship can be hard. Over time, the intensity and magic of the beginning gives way to the familiarity and trust that comes with knowing a partner over time. Most relationships have some sort of conflict or issue that develops at some point.

Often couples work it out, but for many couples, the crack between them grows as it is left unresolved. It might be a fight that always seems to hit a wall. Maybe it is that the partners are going through the motions for so long that they feel they don’t know the person sleeping next to them.

Couples that become parents that sometimes loose that intimate connection to each other. Perhaps you need a re-set as a couple, to get past something that seems too big.

For many couples, they find themselves at a decision point without knowing how to move forward or how they got to this place. Many couples question what kind of foundation they may have.

Build on solid foundations

If your relationship feels like it is slipping away or built on sand, couples therapy can help you return to solid foundations. Therapy can help you focus on the relationship between the two of you, and help you reexamine your commitments to each other and how you communicate your needs, goals, and passions to your partner.