Frequently Asked Questions

How does therapy help?

Therapy is an incredibly personal experience that is helpful in working through many different issues. I work from a relational perspective that looks at our interactions in the therapy room and your interactions with yourself and others.

I use empathic listening to hear the deep parts of your story and identity, and help you discover the skills and tools to claim the life you want. Together we can identify patterns that either make things more difficult or allow you to thrive.

If you feel that therapy is unhelpful, we can discuss this to find ways to adjust and continue to meet your needs.


How do I find the right therapist?

Finding the right therapist is about finding someone with whom you connect and feel that you can share your deeply personal experiences with.

I often say that therapists are a lot like pants; sometimes you need to try on a few before you find the right one. If you have concerns, please bring them up so that we can tailor the experience to help you feel safe in the room to talk about difficult issues.

How do I schedule my appointments?

I handle my appointments personally, and they are typically scheduled as standing weekly appointments at the same time every session, as this helps build consistency and helps to build our work together.

If you are a new patient and interested in scheduling an appointment, please call 626.325.9318, or schedule your free 15-minute consultation call.


How can I pay?

Therapy sessions can be paid for by cash, check, or credit card. All sessions are paid in full at the end of each session.

If you are interested in using insurance, I am happy to provide a Superbill for you to submit to your PPO insurance for reimbursement for sessions. My current fee for a 50-minute session is $250.


Can I get a free consultation call?

During the consultation, you can expect to share a brief summary of why you are seeking therapy and ask any questions you may have about the therapeutic process. You can ask anything and it is my hope that you would have a better idea of if we might be a good therapeutic fit.