Preparing for Passing the Test

Hello everyone, The vacation days are here and it’s a time when everyone feels like they have more they want to do and less time to do it all in an enjoyable way. At least, that’s my experience. Looking at the holidays as a stressful time that is supposed to be joyous but is often…

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How to Start Thinking About Mental Fitness Goals

In the last post I had been discussing mental health as mental fitness, in a way that allows an individual to look at what is happening in their mental world in terms of strengths instead of deficits. It also opens up new avenues of personal exploration in which our mental worlds can be an intentional…

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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! For this first post, I’d like you to take a second to examine how you think about mental health. For most people, mental health is a lot like physical health: something we think about only when something goes wrong. Most of us don’t think about how we feel when we are healthy until…

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